Eric O’Neill, LCSW


I work with adolescents, teens, and adults of all ages that are looking to make changes in their lives. Whether you’re an experienced therapy-goer, or just trying therapy for the first time, I look forward to meeting with you and exploring what the next step is for you.

When you’re evaluating if a new therapist might be a good fit for you, your child, or your family, I believe it’s important to have an idea about that therapist’s approach to treatment. I hope the chart below will help you understand more about how I work.

Things I aim to accomplish in my work Things I avoid in my work
Providing a non-judgmental, supportive environment Making you feel that there is something “wrong” with you
Talking with you in everyday language about what’s going on in your life Using “psycho-babble” that leaves you more confused than you started
Using a flexible approach that we have determined together to be best for you Using a blanket approach that leaves little room for individual differences
Providing practical advice when requested Telling you what you “should” do
Treating you with respect and dignity Making you feel small or foolish
Helping you look forward to your appointment every week Placing demands on you that leave you dreading your next appointment

I draw from a number of therapeutic approaches in my work, including Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Person-Centered Therapy, Internal Family Systems Therapy, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

I am originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and I’ve lived in quite a few cities around the country before coming to settle in Raleigh. I received my BA in Psychology from Northwestern University in 2009, and completed my Master’s in Social Work at Boston College in 2013. I have 10 years of experience working as a family and individual therapist. My current license is with the North Carolina Social Work Board as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (License #C010367.)  I am also currently licensed in Georgia and Virginia and can provide telehealth services to clients in those states.

In my free time, I enjoy swimming and playing floorball. I very much enjoy board games of all varieties and am an avid collector. I love animals and am a proud owner of two cats, Corwin and Totoro.

If you’d like to schedule your first session or if you’re interested in a free consultation, please contact me at (414)573-8144 or visit the “Contact Me” tab above.

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